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  • "I ruined myself for a lot of people that werent even worth it"
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    Stunning Images Of Skylines Captured With Time Lapse Photography

    by Dan Marker-Moore

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  • I just cleaned this blog up. Not completely, but it’s better. I want to delete a tonne of stuff in a week or two when I get more time, but for now I need to pack a load of stuff ready to go back to university! It’s kinda nice to come on here again and transform this blog. This will be more positive now.

    Also, I’m 2 followers off 500 and it’s bugging me, someone help me with that?

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    Early bird gets the worm…. (by . : : v i S H a l : : .)

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    omfg that is just too adorable

    i can show you the world


    if i ever fail to reblog this, assume that i am dead

    i love you so, witch cat and brave kitten


    IT’S BACK!

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  • "I actually attack the concept of happiness. The idea that - I don’t mind people being happy - but the idea that everything we do is part of the pursuit of happiness seems to me a really dangerous idea and has led to a contemporary disease in Western society, which is fear of sadness. It’s a really odd thing that we’re now seeing people saying “write down 3 things that made you happy today before you go to sleep”, and “cheer up” and “happiness is our birthright” and so on. We’re kind of teaching our kids that happiness is the default position - it’s rubbish. Wholeness is what we ought to be striving for and part of that is sadness, disappointment, frustration, failure; all of those things which make us who we are. Happiness and victory and fulfillment are nice little things that also happen to us, but they don’t teach us much. Everyone says we grow through pain and then as soon as they experience pain they say “Quick! Move on! Cheer up!” I’d like just for a year to have a moratorium on the word “happiness” and to replace it with the word “wholeness”. Ask yourself “is this contributing to my wholeness?” and if you’re having a bad day, it is."
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    One of my best friends got tinder whilst drunk about two months ago. He got his first match today, a girl named “Rowenna”. Their shared interests? Shreddies.

    I got one where the only shared interest was “Bus Wankers”

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